Event Review : The Creative Lock-In



 The Creative Lock-In was advertised as an imaginative and inspiring all-nighter that would bring together the arty types of St Andrews between the hours of 11pm and 7am. The evening kicked off with a stellar performance from Prehistoric Friends, who made the trip from Glasgow thanks to the organisation of Music is Love. The quirky duo played music consistent with their self-proclaimed ‘dreamy-synth pop’ genre, generating the perfect mood for the rest of the evening: a relaxed atmosphere that inspired creativity. For their performance the theatre was packed full of people watching and listening intently, and throughout the event's duration, a steady flow of people went in and out of the venue.

The Barron theatre itself was beautifully decorated; copious amounts of fairy lights were draped around the blackened rooms joined by bunting and lanterns, creating an ethereal vibe. A projector shone onto a transparent drape in the middle of the room and featured a lucid-dreamlike film, which people comfortably watched on the sofas the committee had laid out.

The Art Society offered cakes, canapés, tea and coffee, as well as free art supplies in order to quench people’s creative needs for the evening. The lock-in also featured several set activities: life drawing, lantern decorating, jazz and poetry. However, people were also able to indulge in their own activities; sprawled on the floor and seated, they produced beautiful drawings, poems and music.

The atmosphere was very much relaxed, full of those who simply appreciated the opportunity to be in a group of like-minded people revelling in the creativity of the event. Being a part of this evening left me feeling very much inspired to pursue my own artistic means. Ultimately, I found the Creative Lock-In a highly worthwhile evening that definitely brought a much needed break from the chaos of freshers week.


Emily Rose Pearce


Photo credit: The Art Society