'The Somme' by Samuel Barley

In our first new issue of the semester, we have another war-poem from Samuel Barley titled The Somme. Just a few days after we remember those who perished and experienced the terrors of the Holocaust, it seems an appropriate poem for a time that should be dedicated to remembrance for all those involved in the trauma and sadness of war.  The SommeIn France there a lies a field untamed,Once covered but now laid bare,As a mark of respect,For all the lost souls there.It grows mournful wheat,And stretches to the sky,But never over dead grass,Do birds now fly.It sits alone at the base of a hill,Where Jesus weeps and cries,"No more blood shall ye spill,"Though none meet his haunted eyes,The world remembers and forgets our mate Tom,But the earth remembers the field, the earth remembers the Somme.  Samuel Barley