'Whatever happened?' by Stan Usovicz

Stan Usovicz contributed several pieces of his sharp, fast-paced poetry last semester and his latest contribution for The Tribe's first issue of the new semester is my favourite one yet. The short 2 line verses of Whatever happened? cleverly reflects the fast pace of the hungry media, jumping from crisis to triviality, that the poem condemns. Usovicz's poetry continually offers a deeply perceptive and honest portrayal of our dismissive, flippant media; from our 'Gangnam style day in the sun' to a 'moment's pause for the Earth we're polluting.' I would love to see this poem performed live as part of a slam poetry event as the impact of this poem hits harder when read aloud.  Whatever happened? Whatever happened? The shocking new headlines, the terrible scenesGravitationally pull our eyes to the screenThe ‘round the clock coverage and endless reportsfill up the airtime as our nation exhortsA war’s on in Syria, this ISIS mean crisisInfects all our minds like a new kind of typhusWith a week’s worth attention, we begin to get peeved"On to the next” screams our inner ADHDThe 24/7 nature of the nation’s news stationsMeans our patience reaches a pure saturationFor a week we care about a missing Malaysian flightAnother few days over Ferguson’s fightA second here for a man named AyatollahShadowed by shocking outbreak of EbolaA terrible school shooting, death, rape and lootingA moment’s pause for the Earth we’re pollutingWhat ever happened to anthrax?What ever happened to the guy from the Batman Cinema attacks?What ever happened to Chernobyl’s temporary fix to radiation?What ever happened to India’s poor sanitation?Each had its “Gangnam Style” day in the sunAnd like the Ice Bucket Challenge, it was quickly dumpedThere’s too much to care about, not enough timeReporters write new lines for the job they’re assignedDid we ever catch Kony? Did we even come close?Nobody cares and nobody knows.  Stan Usovicz