'Am I Real?' by Samuel Barley

Samuel Barley sends us another of his poems Am I real?  for this week's The Tribe. If you are inspired by any of the work in this week's issue please email your submissions to creativewriting@thetribeonline.com or to our creative writing sub-editor Olia at ok6@st-andrews.ac.uk.  Am I real?I did not exist in your world until now,Yet you did not conjure up these lines,Was I always here? Do you know? How?Do you not follow? Shall I explain? Fine. I have lived and so have you,But we have never met nor shall we,To my existence I have given a clue,Which end it achieves is yours; Torture or glee. By reading this you now know I'm here,In words alone maybe, but it shall suffice,All this can be seen, do not fear,For we both exist. Isn't that nice? Now you know, come seek me and find,If I'm here, or inside your mind.  Samuel Barley