'Seasonal Expedition' by Stephanie Redfern Jones

Stephanie Redfern Jones’s poem Seasonal Expedition is a journey through the seasonal changes which pairs itself well with the speaker’s experience of what being in love feels like. The softness and fragility of the lexical choice and rhyme reminds readers of both the malleability of the seasons and their similarity to the nature of love itself. I like this poem because Stephanie shows her readers why the seasons are such a lovely and suitable metaphor for writing love poetry.  Seasonal ExpeditionConstantly changing, I am a shift shaper,Like a candle that burns, lit from a taper.Like leaves dropping from the trees during autumn time,I honour my love through beauteous rhyme.Yet I fall,Dropping down,And again I lose what I had found.But there’s rebirth again.And I am suddenly startled as though a deer in the glen.The spring brings emerald green,Colours that sparkle and gleam,And I am renewed by this wondrous dream.“Do not settle,” they say, “you’ll turn to dust,”I have to carry on with my journey - I know that I must.We are all on a path of self-growth,Love is our goal, to which we’re betrothed.Waiting for love to knock on the door,Always waiting for something, yearning for more.In the hope that beauty will come to the fore,At love’s feet we worship and adore.  Stephanie Redfern Jones