Bashmore's Redemption

Julio-Bashmore-Au-Seve-Album-Art-468x459Julio Bashmore redeems himself by releasing these edits, which marry R&B vocals with grimy percussion.BROADWHITES001 – F U All The Time (Kowton Refix)/And What (Kahn’s Gyal Dem Edit)Julio Bashmore has been experiencing a bit of backlash recently. Early tracks like ‘Battle For Middle You’ and ‘Father Father’ were critically acclaimed, big hits among the underground dance scene. ‘Au Seve’, the first release on his own Broadwalk label, was inescapable last summer and, although it trod no new ground, it lit up a festival like nothing else. Since then, though, things have gone downhill. ‘Husk’ received a mixed response, while the Soundcloud comments on his latest offering, ‘Duccy’, range from the incredulous (‘surely this is a joke?’) to the matter of fact (‘proper s**t’); the general tone is bewilderment at how someone with such obvious production chops could put out such a mediocre and derivative tune. However, Bashmore should be congratulated for at least one thing this year: putting out this 12” on a white label off-shoot of Broadwalk. Jeremih’s F U All The Time is a track ripe for remixing. It features nothing more than an instantly hummable melody, sparse clicks and soft bass hits. Kowton keeps the chords and Natasha Mosley’s sultry vocal, while augmenting it with his trademark militant kicks and claps, all underlain by an insistently rumbling sub-bass. His refix is skeletal, but in a more propulsive way than the original; only the absolutely necessary elements are added to make it club-ready. Kahn’s edit is a track destined for white-label release if ever there was one; he effectively plonks Brandy’s sensuous R&B number ‘Slower’ over the middle three minutes of Kowton’s ‘And What’. This works for two reasons; Kowton’s original was a minimal percussive workout, and ‘Slower’ is exactly what R&B should be. The juxtaposition of Kowton’s claps with Brandy’s layered vocal enhances both aspects, producing a silky track ready for peak-time action. Khan has managed to rework something mediocre into something more, and for that he should be commended. Robin Hughes Image Credit: Julio Bashmore