Music Preview: “Summer Isn’t Over Until Starfields Is”


The vision for this year’s Starfields is held separately from the main fashion show, both musically and creatively. While the Fashion Show itself may portray a darker, more classically ‘fashion’ exterior, Starfields is all about summer. It has been designed to break the habit of the more inaccessible musical styles showcased in years past, and instead bring a lighter, more crowd-friendly approach. Summer isn’t over until Starfields is.  

Thus, the Musical and Overall Directors of FS worked hard to curate a line-up that upheld the integral dance elements that make Starfields what it is, while morphing the timbre of the sound from a darker, techno influenced one into an upbeat, tropical one. 

The most upbeat and grooviest  of the dance genres is, undeniably, Tropical house, made famous by heavyweights such as Kygo, Sam Feldt, and Matoma, who we will have the privilege to see behind the decks this Saturday as he headlines Starfields. Reaching mainstream notoriety with his tropical house remixes of Hip Hop classics, Matoma is a stalwart of the scene. Having played at some of the largest dance festivals in the world, it is a monumental achievement to have him spinning for us this year. He is bound to bring us some awesome sound waves in his own unique style and I for one am incredibly excited to see him play. 


Leading up to Matoma, we will be treated to a grittier house sound that is more reminiscent of the past Starfields line-ups. The FS Music director, James Patrick Wearmouth, has wanted to see Riton in St Andrews since he joined the university, and for good reason. The Grammy winning producer and DJ has been a mainstay of the electronic music scene since the early 2010’s, releasing records on some of the most respected Dance and Major labels and working with the biggest names in the industry. His Tech-House sound is instantly recognisable and promises to ensure there’s not a single still body in the tent. With Riton being a worthy candidate for headlining himself, the fact that we have him before Matoma creates a line up worthy of big budget dance festivals, not a student run production!


The glue that ties these two unique sounds together is Crazy Cousinz. Responsible for one of the most streamed songs of all time, Drake’s “One Dance”, Crazy Cousinz knows how to keep a party going – if Drake listens to him, need we say more? His blend of Hip Hop, House and UK Funky is the perfect bridge between the gritty Tech sound of Riton and the groovy melodies of Matoma, Crazy Cousinz is the final piece of the Starfields puzzle. 

 I am personally glad to see this year’s team taking the risk and changing the sound of Starfields. They have managed to curate a much more accessible line up for the average music listener who isn’t into the darker sounds of House and Techno but still wants to dance. If it was 2016, this line up of music would warrant a few hundred pounds to see at a festival mainstage and so, just three years later, the Starfields line-up is looking incredibly exciting. For those who have been looking for a shake up of sound at St Andrews annual music fest, I’m confident this year might just be the Starfields for you.