On the Rocks Festival Preview: Dancing at Lughnasa

Tribe Theatre has been working with the On the Rocks Student Arts Festival (OTR) staff to get the word out about upcoming shows. OTR asked Beth Robertson, the director of Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel, a few questions about her upcoming show. Dancing at Lughnasa goes up at 7:30pm on both Thursday the 11th of April and Friday the 12th of April in the Barron Theatre.  otr Summary of the show: "During the summer of 1936, the impoverished Mundy sisters fight against the dangers of the outside world, which threaten to overwhelm their fragile family. Their isolated life in Donegal is simply but limited, and when the sisters are gripped by the magic of their new wireless radio, they begin to question the sheltered lives they have been forced to lead. The tensions that will eventually tear the family apart are recounted with tenderness and dark humour in Brian Friel's most personal play, an Olivier and Tony Award-winning play from one of Ireland's greatest living playwrights."  1. Tell us a little about Dancing at Lughnasa. Beth: It’s about the events leading up to the collapse of the Mundy family in 1930s Ireland. The outside world and their own internal frustrations sort of explode in on them. They become obsessed with their wireless radio, and it seems to ignite these wild desires that threaten their traditional Catholic values. 2. You’ve described Dancing at Lughnasa as Brian Friel’s most ‘personal’ play, what did you mean by that?Beth: He loosely based it on his own mother and aunts – he dedicates the play ‘To those five brave Glenties women.’ 3. How are the cast’s Donegal accents?Beth: They are getting there. Our Northern Irish friend Ashton was over for a visit so he gave us a little master class. Lots of ‘power shower in an hour.’ 4. There are a lot of great events happening around town with On The Rocks, what makes Dancing at Lughnasa special?Beth: It’s just an incredibly beautiful play. The cast is phenomenal. If you want a really moving theatrical experience then you should come and see us.  OTR poster On the Rocks Photo credit goes to On the Rocks and the show summary is taken from their 2013 Programme.