On the Rocks Festival Preview: STAR Radio's 'People Like Us'

Tribe Theatre has been working with the On the Rocks Student Arts Festival (OTR) staff to get the word out about upcoming shows. OTR asked Will Land, the self-described 'initiator' of 'People Like Us', a few questions about his upcoming show. 'People Like Us'--A Playlet goes up at 6:00pm on Monday the 8th of April and runs at the same time every night until it closes on Friday the 12th of April online via www.standrewsradio.com.  Summary: "A hard hitting, verbatim radio play about a member of the Fife constabulary's life-affirming struggle for justice in a small coastal town. In the face of adversity, PC McGee delves into the world of the ambiguous, sexually deviant and alcoholic student body: money, lies, and legal highs. The radio play that the New York Times has failed to comment on." People Like Us Cover Photo  1. Tell us a little about People Like Us Will: So STAR's Radio Play, "People Like Us", is a "hard-hitting verbatim play" about one member of the Fife constabulary’s life-affirming struggle for justice in a small coastal town. In the face of adversity, PC McGee, who takes his job far too seriously, unpicks the ambiguous, sexually deviant and alcoholic student body. It's all about money, lies, and legal highs in this town. What's been great about this play is that the entire plot, the characterisation and the script have all been written by students, about students, for students and it's been a collaborative effort. It's based loosely around a few St Andrews' stereotypes and serves to highlight the slightly ridiculous nature of this town we live in. The play is tongue-in-cheek and doesn't take itself too seriously, and none of the cast does either. We're all part of it to have fun and enjoy the experience.  2. This is a piece of original student drama, what was the inspiration behind the script? Will: The inspiration for the play comes from the Director of STAR, Kate Reid's desire to have a radio play entered for On The Rocks, so a group of us who were all interested got together and began to brainstorm ideas, and we could think of no better setting for the play than St Andrews. I guess the group of us, there are ten of us, is also quite eclectic in its own way, so the title "People Like Us" (perhaps inspired by the BBC3 Documentary Series) seemed to fit nicely. In fact, many of the play's characters are just the cast members hyperbolised (although some are unaware of this...). 

People Like Us

 3. There are a lot of great events happening around town with On The Rocks, what makes People Like Us special? Will: "People Like Us" should be viewed as a funny little radio playlet written by a bunch of friendly-faced students. It is only 15 minutes every evening from Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April, and should prove quite amusing. None of us has ever taken part in a LIVE radio play, and most of us have never even written a play, so who knows what will happen. Tune in to find out! We're all excited and would love nothing more than for everyone to tune in each evening - Only on St Andrews Radio. logo  On the Rocks Photo credits go to 'People Like Us' and On the Rocks. The show summary is taken from the On the Rocks 2013 Programme.